We offer a variety of auto repair services and maintenance options to best suite your car's needs.  Call us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment 541-614-1059 Hablamos Español 


When auto Air Conditioning systems break down, refrigeration leaks which is both harmful to the environment and can damage your  vehicle's evaporation and compressor.  Getting your A/C serviced at the first sign of trouble save you both money and time, come to Autoworxs Garage for an A/C service repair before the damage spreads.


Cars that are well taken care of outperform and outlast those that are not.  When you think something is wrong with your vehicle or the check engine light is on, don't hesitate to bring it to Autoworxs Garage we will asses your car and provide the required care from routine maintenance to major auto repair services 

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if you are not confident in your vehicle's ability to stop without hesitation or you hear squeaking every time you step on the brake pedal, then it is time to bring your car to Autoworxs Garage for brake service.


A car's radiator has the important task of keeping the engine cool.  Radiator repair and maintenance is essential to the health of your engine and vehicle, Autoworxs Garage will keep your engine running cool with our cooling services.


If you are waiting to change the look of your vehicle Autoworxs Garage can lift or lower your car, truck, or jeep.  The stance can make your ride look like a new vehicle.